Dealing with a cluttered schedule & mind

There’s less than 2 weeks left of my Audio Engineering program, and now is when I’m feeling the pressure. There are so many assignments, projects, papers, etc. that are due before we graduate at the beginning of June and is can be/is VERY overwhelming. Not only does it affect my sleep, eating habits and relationships – it especially affects my mental health.

When you have so much happening, it’s easy to get lost in the clutter. It’s easy to just fall apart at the seams due to extraneous amounts of stress. If I’ve learned anything from my time in this program, it’s the importance of prioritizing & organization.


Make lists!

Folks, lists are your friends. You can seriously organize a mean list and get all the tasks at hand accomplished by just writing them down on a piece of paper, agenda, or use a app likeΒ Wunderlist for all your to-dos. I also find making lists of other things (i.e., gratitude lists, top 5s, etc.) helps with self-reflecting and brings me some peace and comfort when I’m extremely stressed out. So moral: just always make a list.

Use a calendar!

To bring some control back into your life when all of it has been taken, use a calendar or agenda to mark down important dates and times (e.g., assignment due dates, tests, appointments/meetings, etc.) so that you can have something to look back on and remember.

Get a corkboard!

Best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve set up three adhesive corkboard on my wall, by my desk, so that if I need to pin up a memo/bill/reminder/etc., it’s right next to my “workspace” – which also leads into me suggesting that you build a spot in your home and make it your “workspace”. It’s where you go to get work done! It’s all goes back to having certain areas in your home reflecting only one energy… bedroom = sleep, workout space = exercise & health, and desk/workspace = get STUFF DONE!


The next few weeks will make or break me (I’m thinking the former, and will not let the latter occur) so my posts, as they have already been, will be few and far between. But once I get a spare moment, I will be back with #mindfulmondays #wellnesswednesdays and my favorite, #funrecipefriday!

I want to thank everyone who reads my posts and visits my blogs for keeping me relevant and alive, even during the most stressful points of my life. I send all the positive vibes your way and know that you are in my heart always.




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