#MindfulMonday series – Go Outdoors and be

Spring has sprung! This is the time of year for change. With the exception of autumn being my favourite season, I thoroughly enjoy the spring. Everyone is engaging in spring cleaning, trying new routines and most importantly, going outside.

I’m an adventurer. I love the outdoors and being out in my natural environment. If it isn’t running on a sunny afternoon, it’s geocaching in the woods or going for a walk in the park. Honestly, after the winter season being cooped up indoors, having some fresh air and being outside is truly needed.

If you are looking for a change in your life, wanting to add something to it or replace a habit you aren’t happy with – spring is the season to do so. Try minimizing your possessions, add some routines to your day (e.g., outdoors yoga practice or sunny meditation) and changing your outlook. Spring is where things begin again – so any habits or negative outlooks you are holding on to can be set free and you can nurture new, positive perspectives! Let us leave the cold winter months behind us and venture into the spring with a hop in our step!

This is a short, but sweet inspiring post – let the spring season nurture you!


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