Saturday feels

Just a little personal moment for you all. With all the commotion of school and work, I’ve put the blog on hold for a couple of weeks to finish up final projects and study for exams. But now that I’m on a break week – I feel the need to open up and talk about my feels during the most stressful part of my semester: the end.

I’m working towards finishing my audio engineering program and the stress of reality has finally sunk in. I’m heading out into the real world and going to soon have my “career”, and that is quite frightening. Having the cozy life of a student only lasts so long, and this is my second time living the student life. So it’s only a matter of time before you have to retire the student discounts and go out into the career world. 

The one thing I am looking forward to approaching my career is having a routine. Being a student, you can’t truly control your lifestyle like you would want. As I’ve mentioned, I had to take a break from blogging to get final projects completed (10 in a week + 2 finals) so blogging, eating well and even yoga gets pushed to the back of the closet, unfortunately. Therefore, I’m approaching my final semester differently this time. I’m going in with a game plan. I’m creating a routine to go along with the changing and sporadic schedule that can occur being in school.

Things to plan for:

  • Meal plans (weekly) for mindful eating
  • Yoga schedule to do at home (daily)
  • Essential oils to help with ailments and situations 
  • Self care routines (weekly) to help destress and rejuvenate 

As my Saturday afternoon mantra states: “you don’t get what you wish for, you get what you work for”


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