#FunRecipeFriday – Get your health on!

If you’re anything like me, you struggle with keeping a meal plan due to your crazy busy and unpredictable schedule. I’m still in school, and I’m in school about 40 hours a week. That means I really only get one day to do all of my meal prep (if I don’t have projects to finish first). Also, on top of school, I work part-time and therefore, there are days I am in school and go directly to work…Β if only I could carry a refrigerator with me. So this Friday’s #FunRecipeFriday is going to be a little different. Instead of featuring a recipe, I’m going to talk about ways to keep yourself healthy on the run (which will also benefit me greatly).

One thing I’m starting to do is keeping a food diary/journal/log. I’m really famous for “out of sight, out of mind”, so if I bought it a few days ago and it’s in a drawer in my fridge or a cupboard, I sometimes forget I even have it until it’s too late. So one way to help with scatterbrains like myself is to keep a journal. I’m organizing it similar to bullet journalingΒ where I will have pages dedicated to “grocery lists” and others to “mean plan ideas” and “healthy recipes”.

Photo from Bullet Everything


Another thing you can do is dedicate a day where you know you can get the most from meal prepping and set aside a few hours to get all your meals organized and ready for the week. My day is Sunday, just because it’s the only day of the week I’m off work and I don’t have school. I may have to use it sometimes for projects, but most of the time it’s my day to do what I need to do to plan for the rest of the week. I also go grocery shopping on this day, in the morning, so I have the afternoon to get all my meals prepped and stored for the week.


Photo by This Beautiful Day Blog


Last, but not least, the hardest thing for me is sticking with my meal plan. The biggest thing you need to remember is to listen to your body. And if you’ve had a particularly rough or busy day, and your body is screaming for pizza, don’t get mad at it. We are human, and we also have times when we want to treat ourselves. The thing we want to avoid is excessive amounts of junk food. Moderation is the key to everything. Set aside a couple of days where you may make plans to go out to dinner one evening, or order pizza for a movie night. Don’t let those days discourage you from your healthy eating venture. We can be creatures of habit, but we also need some spontaneity in our lives. So don’t be too hard on yourself!

I hope this post was helpful, and if you have any tips or tricks to meal planning, prepping or healthy eating, please leave them in the comments below.

Happy eating (and TGIF!)


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