#WellnessWednesday series – Hydrate!

If you’re anything like me, you do not get your daily intake of water in the run of a day.

On average, we should be drinking approximately 2 litres of water a day (about 8 8oz. glasses) and normally we don’t reach for water until we feel thirsty.

A high school teacher of mine would request that we bring with us a full bottle of water to his class every day to place on our desks. Not for education purposes, but to explain to us that by the time our bodies tell us we are thirsty, we’ve been thirsty for TOO long. It’s a rule of thumb that when your body feels thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. So his purpose was to teach us to always have water on hand, wherever you are, to prevent thirst and dehydration.

Here’s an infographic on dehydration I found:


Definitely an eye opener how important water is to your overall health. As my mom would say, “most aliments can be reduced by a glass of water”.

There are ways of increasing your daily intake of water:

  • Always bringing a water bottle with you (like the one in the featured photo which tracks your intake of water at certain times of the day)
  • Keep a log of how much water you must drink and follow it
  • Research foods that may increase your water intake
  • And, if you need some flavour, pick up some dissolvable water crystals to add to your drinking water

BUT remember, nothing substitutes a nice, refreshing glass of water. So, drink up!



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