#MindfulMonday series – Self Reflection

Do you sometimes have a difficult time falling asleep after an incredibly busy day? Do you feel like you carry a lot of what you experienced that day into your slumbers (and possibly into the next day)? Well, there’s something you can do to leave the activities of the day “in that day”, and it’s self-reflecting. 

I read an article on The Mindful Word about reflecting as a mindfulness technique to help “let go” of your day before you go to sleep so that you clear your head for the events that will take place the following day. Self reflecting is a great way to gain closure from your day and to allow yourself to completely relax once the day has finished. It’s best to complete this as the end of the day, before heading to bed. And if you wish, after you’ve completely your self reflection – meditate for 5 to 10 minutes to deepen your relaxation.

Here are some reflecting questions to ask yourself (taken from the article):

  • Did I give my full attention to the people in my life?
  • Was I present for them? Was I patient with them?
  • How was my interaction with my family and friends?
  • How was my interaction with my coworkers and acquaintances?
  • Did I make eye contact with people?
  • Did I listen to what others had to say?
  • What went well today?
  • What didn’t go well today?
  • What am I grateful for today?

Try keeping a reflection journal by your bed so that you can complete this nightly, and when you need to, you’re able to go back and read previous entries you’ve made. You don’t need to take a lot of time to self reflect – maybe 10-15 minutes max, but it really will help you gain clarity before you go to sleep and reset your body!

If you struggle with sleep, try this technique some evening and add some lavender essential oil mist (you can find it at Saje Natural Wellness) to your pillows and bedding. Also check out the full article on The Mindful Word blog.

Sweetest of dreams.


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