All natural DIY lip scrub

My poor poor lips these winter months. All dry and cracked (and not kissable). I was using a lot of lip balms and finding that my lips were getting worse if I missed a day of not applying, which was horribly discouraging. Then I realized the more I used these synthetic products, the more my lips became dependent on them. So in the garbage they went. But how do I solve my dry and cracked lip problem? Easy – DIY Lip Scrub!

Three ingredients are all you need: coconut oil, granulated sugar and honey.

It’s all 100% natural and you can even lick it off your lips! Just combine 2 tbsp of coconut oil, 4 tbsp of granulated sugar and a tbsp of honey in a small, sealable container and stir together. The result is a grainy putty-like blend and all you need is a little bit on your finger to rub on your poor lips to give them life again. And because it’s all natural, it will last for a few weeks if you store it in a cool, dry area. Mine will be in my bathroom so I can use it every morning.

Toss out those store-bought lip balms and go au natural! Your lips will thank you.

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